• Check out what we're learning in the third grade.

Language Arts

  • In language arts we practice word recognition and meaning and learn to be better readers, listeners, and speakers. We write in a variety of modes including letters, poems, descriptions, and narratives. We learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns. We practice punctuation and learn how to use periods, questions marks, exclamation marks, capital letters, and commas correctly. We also use reference materials like dictionaries, thesaurus, and the internet. We learn how to write in cursive, too. We also use the Accelerated Reader program every day and we learn how to better comprehend what we read by identifying author's purpose, main idea and details, sequence, cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, and figurative language.


  • In math we learn a lot about problem solving. We review basic math skills and we solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We practice telling time and counting money. We learn to read and write numbers up to the millions and use decimals, too. We use fractions. We also learn about probability, geometry, and make lots of graphs to display information. Accelerated Math is a program to practice and review the skills we learn in math class. We also use Study Island, Math Facts in a Flash, Everyday Math Games, and Kahn Academy to review and practice skills.

Social Studies

  • In social studies we will learn where in the world our community is located. We talk about the geography of our community and what makes our community diverse. We also learn about how people improve their communities, how we have a voice in our community, and a little bit about how our economy and government operate. We also have a program called Second Step where we learn about our feelings and how to get along with others.


  • Science finds us learning about the world around us. We study plant structures, weather instruments and clouds, sound, planets and the universe, light, and structures of life. We have a nutrition teacher and we learn about making healthy lifestyle choices.

Morning Meeting

  • Every day we begin with a Morning Meeting which includes a different message, greeting, share, and activity each day. Our message is always up when we get to school in the morning and we get to respond to it on the SmartBoard. We start our meeting with a greet. Some of our favorite greetings include the Baseball Greet and Shoe Greet. Our favorite shares this year have been Interview with a Third Grader, Snowman Glyph, and our Show Days. Activities are always fun and our favorites are Mosquito Tag, Zoom, Sparkle, and Guess the Gobbler.


  • In the third grade we use the SmartBoard every day. We also have a 1:1 Tablet Initiative. We can often be found using our tablets with the SmartBoard to take quizzes or other interactive activities. We go to the computer lab once a week to practice our typing skills. We also have a social skills lesson using Second Step curriculum once each week. This year we are using flexible seating in third grade!