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  • Twelve Guidelines for Parents of Children with Disabilities

    1. You are your child's best and most consistent advocate.
    2. You have valuable information about your child. Professionals need your input.
    3. It is best to put your request in writing and keep a copy.
    4. It is best to try to resolve problems at the lowest level. If you cannot, do not hesitate to contact a higher authority if the problem is not resolved.
    5. Keep records of conversations with professionals involved with your child.
    6. Seek out information when needed. Take time to think through information before making a decision.
    7. It is OK to be less than perfect. Important lessons are learned from both successes and failures.
    8. Take a break now and then. Don't become a martyr.
    9. It is great for your emotional well-being, and for your child, to maintain a sense of humor.
    10. Remember to tell people when they are doing a good job.
    11. Encourage your child to make decisions. It is good practice for school and life beyond school.