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Daily Math

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    Our math curriculum is Everyday Math.  

    Each day students will work with math tools to count, pattern, compute, pattern and measure.  We practice these skills often through games.

    This week, we're working on counting on & back with a number line and writing our number sentences with our math symbols: -, +, =.



Reading & Language Arts

  • Reading

    Our reading curriculum is Houghton Mifflin.

    Students will work on story elements as a whole group. This week we're focusing on predictions. 

    Then through Daily 5, students will work on reading at their own pace.

    Some of our new high frequency words re at, on, off and to.

    Each student will work in a small teacher-directed group as well as conference individually each week.

    Vinny Volcano

    (click Vinny to hear our song)


Exploring Science

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    Kindergarteners explore the world around them.

    Science topics include: tools, 5 senses, trees, seasons, simple machines, fabric & animals.  Through these units students will interact with adults from our school. We also venture into our community to learn about the world around us.

     This month we're focusing on our holiday story creations that will come home after Dec 15th.


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