• Breakfast is served from 7:30-8:05 a.m. One -percent and skim milk are served with all meals; chocolate milk is served on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Juice and milk are served with breakfast.

  • 9/21/2020

    Chocolate Muffin, Gogurt, Apple Juice, Milk

    Lunch--Ham & Cheese/Bun, Plain Chips, Frozen Fruit Cup, Pears

  • 9/22/2020

    Breakfast--Blueberry Loaf, String Cheese, Apple Juice, Milk

    Lunch--Creamed Chicken on a Biscuit, Peas, Mandarin Oranges

  • 9/23/2020

    Breakfast--Cereal, Mini Donuts, Apple Juice, Milk

    Lunch--PB/Honey Sandwich, Baby Carrots w/Ranch, Diced Peaches

  • 9/24/2020

    Breakfast--Cocoa Krispie Breakfast Bar, Gogurt, Apple Juice, Milk

    Lunch--Chili, Crackers, Cinnamon Roll, Apple Salad, Baby Carrots w/PB

  • 9/25/2020

    Breakfast--Banana Bread, Yogurt, Apple Juice, Milk

    Lunch--Turkey Roast on Bun, Lettuce Salad w/Ranch, Pineapple Chunks